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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips

To catch smallmouth bass consistently, you must understand a few basic fishing principles that always apply, regardless of the fishing techniques you use.
  • Smallmouth are object oriented, meaning that they like to get next to something. Their favorite type of object is a large rock. They are sometimes found around weeds, but are not as weed oriented as largemouth.
  • In a given body of water, smallmouth can be found deeper than largemouth, but shallower than walleye.
  • Smallmouth school by size, so if you are catching nothing but small ones try, a different area.
  • Smallmouth have different personalities in different waters. In high competition waters, they tend to be aggressive, so a variety of presentations will work. But in low competition waters, they can be very finicky. Here, a slow, tantalizing presentation draws the most strikes.
  • Small sized smallmouth are more aggressive than large ones and generally inhabit shallower water.
  • Smallmouth are prone to spooking, even in waters where they are normally aggressive.
  • Most smallmouth are caught near the bottom, but you can also catch them on the surface. However, they are not as vulnerable to surface presentations as largemouth.
  • In most waters, smallmouth bite best in early morning. In clear lakes, they may bite  best at night, especially in summer.

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