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Fishing Charter

 Hiring a fishing charter can get expensive, but if you can split the cost with 2 or 3 others, there are many good reasons to charter a fishing trip for 1 day or as many days as desired. Here are just a few.

a.. - Fishing guides (good ones anyway) are out on the water fishing almost everyday. They keep up with fish conditions and where they are everyday. They know the best baits to use for the area. More likely than not, You'll catch more fish.

b.. - Fishing guides can teach you other ways to catch fish, from baiting the hook to lure selection and presentation. On new and/or unfamiliar water, this can really help.

c.. - Fishing guides know their fishing waters very well and can show you how to run the body of water, access to rivers and streams, and safe places to fish.

d.. - Fishing guides usually have the best equipment. They can be expected to be kept in tip-top shape. This will give you a chance to try out different rods, reels, and line before you buy anything.

e.. - Fishing guides know lots of fish tales. Between the stories, explaining what you'll be doing, and jokes, you won't be bored.

f.. - Fishing guides can be relatively cheap, especially when split with others. When you consider the price of a boat ($30,000), bait, rods, reels, line, tackle, gas, and whatever else you'd have to buy for the same trip, you're saving serious cash.

g.. - Fishing guides do all the work. They tie on lures, unhook the fish, bait your hook properly and all you have to do is kick back and fish. They are also willing to take pictures of you and your catch and clean any fish you keep. Now that's got to be worth the price of admission right there.

So, in my opinion, hiring a charter isn't all that bad. Good Luck and Happy Fishing.

   So, how do you go about hiring a good charter? There are several ways to go about that.

a.. - Check the internet.

b.. - Watch for guides who advertise in the local newspaper or in fishing mags.

c.. - Call the marinas in the area where you're staying.

d.. - Ask your Fishing pals. Most times they know best.

    Ok, now what?

Ask questions. Here are some you should be asking.

a.. - Is the person licensed and can he furnish any references.

b.. - Does the guide do this for a living, or just on the weekends. The only way to keep up with patterns that produce is to be out there every day.

c.. - How much will the trip cost in total. Find out about any hidden costs.

d.. - Who brings what? Do you have to bring your own poles, bait, drinks, or anything else. What does the charter provide. Is lunch provided? Does the bait or do the lures have to be specific?

e.. - How long will you actually be fishing? Can you go for just half a day if the fishing's really good?

f.. - Do you need any special licenses for the areas you'll be going to? If so, how much and where do you get them?

g.. - Find out if you'll get along together for 8 or more hours. Ask if the person uses live bait, lures, the things you want to use or not. It can be a really long day if you are incompatible.

    Like 'em, hire 'em.

Don't be a bad customer either. Be honest about your abilities as an angler. The guide will know just by watching you awhile. Don't book a trip and just not show up. In an emergency, call them and explain. Offer to pay part of his fee, for his trouble. Most will probably forget about it.

       Good luck and Happy Fishing!

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